STEP Outputs

Astra can gather different types of outputs, which can be configured visually on the screenshot containing the relevant outputs.

List Outputs

A semicolon separated list of text values can be gathered by adding an output annotation on the parent element that contains all the children with the text values. The annotation format is #list output_name. The example below shows an example to gather all the available options in a dropdown.

Example to output all the available options in a dropdown on Microsoft Dynamics.

Table Outputs

An SQL query can be run on any table structure via an output annotation on the parent element. The first row is always interpreted as a column header.  The annotation format is #table SQL_query_string. The data is always contained in a table called data. The example below shows how to select the Weight of an element by Name. Any valid SQL query is supported.

Example to run a query on an Angular Material table.


Astra keywords automatically create a temporary folder for downloads triggered during an execution. The download folder is watched for any file modifications, which are added as STEP outputs in the format Download_filename.

STEP download example in outputs