Error Classification

Monitoring execution failures are categorized into three broad classes:

  • Technical: this is a failure in the test case itself that needs to be addressed by the test engineer. The application and infrastructure a working correctly. Most common source are changes in the application that caused the test to break.
  • Operational: this is a failure of the infrastructure. The application and test are working correctly but for example the server could not be reached.
  • Business: this is due to a bug in the application. The test and infrastructure worked correctly but the application has a bug that needs to be fixed.

The image below shows how to change the error class of an execution via the context menu. Three different icons visualize the type of error upon failure.

Error Classification via Context Menu

The monitoring view provides an overview of all known error types (see image below). Selecting an error shows the corresponding screenshot upon failure to the right. The type of error can be changed via the drop-down.

Known Error Overview

Upon next execution failures, the screenshot and DOM is compared against known errors. In case a sufficiently good match is found, the failure is automatically classified according to the type of the known error.