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to boost their productivity with a collaborative low-code test automation platform.

For QA specialists

to create and maintain automated test cases in minutes without the need to code.

For engineers

to focus on coding only custom extensions truly unique to your application.

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Learn how computer vision enables no-code automation.

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Astra helps to rapidly create, run, analyze, report and maintain automation scenarios!

Scenarios by recording them and adding custom code only when needed. For more, see our tutorials

Before: long coding sessions

After: coding only when needed

OpenE2E code generation

Where Needed
Elastic scaling on the Astra cloud or fully embedded into your CI. For more, see our tutorials

Before: long pipeline configuration and maintenance, slow builds, missing environments and more...

After: one click execution with the number of concurrent sessions and environments you need. Export for execution embedded into your infrastructure when needed.

Astra Cloud

To quickly understand the problem and sift through detailed logs only when needed. For more, see our tutorials

Before: long logs to analyze

After: visualize and browse test cases failures quickly

Quick comparison of visual, network and console changes

In One Click
With the full context and trace of the issue. No more manual work to take screenshots and reproduce the issue. For more, see our tutorials

Before: manually take and attach screenshots, annotate screenshots and describe steps to reproduce

Root cause analysis

After: create tickets with full context in one click

Integrates with your ticketing system

Thanks to our AI algorithms that will perform common maintenance steps automatically. For more, see our tutorials

Before: dive back into the code to fix selectors and assertions

After: common cases are are maintained automatically by the Astra machine learning algorithm

Work hand-in-hand with the most advanced algorithms

Integrates with the tools you love

Document tasks in your ticketing system with a single click.
Trigger executions from your continuous integration system.

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Here’s what our customers say

"ASTRA from LogicFlow saves a lot of time in the creation of Selenium tests. This makes it easy to increase test coverage of our applications."

Joe Schöpfer

Head Test Automation at Zurich Insurance Group

"LogicFlow automated repetitive code migration tasks far beyond what other providers can offer. We are on track to save a significant amount of resources and time compared to our initial estimate."

Robert Konstanzer

Project Manager at Raiffeisen Schweiz

made super simple

Automate your scenarios in minutes without writing code

Combine with custom code for complex needs

Computer vision based testing and maintenance

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