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Migrate, upgrade & refactor with hyperspeed.

Continuous app improvement is a challenge. Smart automation prevents technical debt from piling up.
Keep up to the latest with automated refactoring, upgrades, and migration.

Release with confidence. Deliver quality & speed.

Test automation delivers quality & efficiency. At every stage. Don't compromise. Combine speed with quality. Each change facilitates the next, learned by the AI.

Modernize with ease. Leave hampering legacy behind.

Get the self-learning tools that adapt to your needs. Our assistants reduce workloads by up to 80%. Speed up 3 times.

Focus on creating value for business. Avoid manual migration, manual testing & legacy headaches.

Lucas Fievet
CEO, LogicFlow

Top-quality code migration

70% cost reduction verified in Angular 12 migration. 

The decision to migrate is easy once costs are predictably low. Save your time with our automated migration systems to eliminate repetitive code translation and testing tasks for you.

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Smart & fast visual UI test automation

100% re-use in web- & mobile app testing across environments.

Integrate modern automated UI testing into your DevOps. Our solution keeps your test scripts up-to-date, whatever the change in the app. It runs on any browser, on top of Selenium, and leverages machine learning to automate test maintenance as well as finding and classifying bugs.

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Work on top-notch technology & celebrate productivity

Leverage your code assets and your developers' business competence. On the latest technology.

After years of investments, your key assets are more than code. It's the team, the cooperation between business and developers, the know-how built over years and decades. Leverage these assets through technology changes. Get even better with low-cost automated migration to the latest technology. Not only for front-end technology but also back-end and scientific computing:

  • From AngularJS or WPF to Angular
  • From JavaScript to TypeScript
  • From Java to Scala
  • From Python 2 to Python 3
  • Or your own software product, customization, and libraries

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Optimize your time

Our systems eliminate repetitive tasks in testing and code transformation to save you valuable time. Focus on the cool stuff!

Minimize disruption

Our approach decouples the modernization process from your team's ongoing feature development. Extend & migrate at the same time!

Highest speed & quality

The time savings from automation enable the team to add project-specific benefits. Automation with AI pattern recognition also enforces architectural best practices & quality.

Best practices

We perform best-practice migrations. Our automated migration follows official guidelines and your best practice patterns on your technology.

Thorough testing

Our regression testing system ensures that all workflow functions properly on your modern application. Step by step, screen by screen, analyzed and compared by AI.

On-premise & cloud

Our systems run on your premises, so your code and data never leave your secure environment. Or we run it for you in your trusted cloud to keep efforts and costs at a minimum.

"LogicFlow automated repetitive code migration tasks far beyond what other providers can offer. We are on track to save a significant amount of resources and time compared to our initial estimate."

Robert Konstanzer
Project Manager at Raiffeisen Schweiz

"LogicFlow delivered production-ready software, on time, with serious professionalism. LogicFlow knows an incredible range of tech and is a pleasant partner to work with."

Thomas Houit
Co-Founder & Head of IT at Tiko

"We help you save your time with our automated migration system that eliminates repetitive code translation tasks. By using LogicFlow, our customers speed up their developments significantly."

Lucas Fievet
CEO LogicFlow