Modernize at Minimal Costs

Discover how LogicFlow can help to modernize your applications at minimal costs, increase your productivity and minimize disruption while following the industry’s best practices.

Joe Schöpfer
Head Test Automation at Zurich Insurance Group
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Tyler Rodriguez
Manager at IBM
"LogicFlow automated repetitive code migration tasks far beyond what other providers can offer. We are on track to save a significant amount of resources and time compared to our initial estimate."
Robert Konstanzert
Project Manager at Raiffeisen Schweiz
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Will Black
Director at Rabobank

Modernization Made Easy

Code generation and translation techniques boost productivity

Save Time & Cost

Leverage Code Generation for Your Project

We help you with the implementation of the right code translation and generation techniques. This makes your modernization process easy and maximizes productivity on future developments.

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You'll be able to:

Benefit from low-code

Build know-how

Standardize your code

Hit all your goals

Happy Customers

Boost Development Productivity

Streamline your software development processes to stay on top in your industry by serving your customers with the best user experience on your applications.

100% project success

Rely on our expertise to guarantee the success of your project. We will design the optimal strategy for you.


We evaluate promising innovation possibilities with your team to make the most out of your project.

Your Team

Expertise Matched to Your Needs

Modernization projects require specialized know-how and are challenging to complete alongside to daily operations. Our team will work hand-in-hand with your in-house team to provide the know-how and man-power you need for success.

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Modernize with ease

Guaranteed project success

Get started with low code techniques today

Boost future productivity

Complement your team as needed

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