Functional Testing

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Ensures critical workflows

"Functional testing is conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified functional requirements. Functional testing usually describes what the system does."
Functional Testing

Create re-usable automation blocks for the quick assembly of new scenarios

Minimize coding effort to automation tasks unique to your application

Visual testing ensures out-of-the-box that no bugs escape your scenarios

Functional test code is repetitive

Writing functional test cases is a monotonous task that consists in repetitively defining good element locators and asserting all the right properties of the screens to be tested. In case the application changes, the maintenance is equally tedious to redefine numerous locators and adapt the assertions to the new layout or style.

Low-code testing removes repetitive tasks

The low-code approach of Astra leverages a virtualized recording that tracks all the relevant information to generate standardized code for locators and interactions with complex forms. The virtualized recording ensures everything is already recorded through the automation framework (e.g. Selenium) to guarantee the replay of a recorded test case.

The generated code is designed to be human readable and extendable. Custom code snippets for truly unique requirements of your application are easily integrated by your engineering team. Your team can now focus its energy on needs truly unique to your application.

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Behavior driven development

Test cases recorded with Astra can easily be cut into reusable building blocks. These reusable blocks can be quickly assembled into new test cases without the need for a new recording. Any maintenance effort on a single block is propagated to all test cases making use of that block, which minimizes maintenance effort.

The reusable automation blocks should be selected to represent a common behavior such as creating, deleting or setting some value. This enables the quick assembly of new test cases by application experts without engineering knowledge, and reduces their dependency on your engineering team.

Visual assertions

Allow you to assert entire screens based on their screenshot and DOM structure with a single line of code. This automatically checks the layout, content and style so no bug can escape and your maintenance effort gets reduced to simply approving changes through the Astra user interface.

To cover complex scenarios with dynamic content, Astra checks can be configured granularly to only check certain areas of a screen or exclude specific areas. In such cases, an Astra check can be combined with custom assertions to validate complex dynamic behavior that is truly unique to your application.

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