Astra Checks Make Assertions
a Breeze

AI powered visual assertions checking the screenshot and DOM enable maximal test coverage with minimal effort.

Computer Vision Driven

Astra check is powered by computer vision algorithms that mimic the human eye. Assertions that typically would require hundreds of lines of code are created within minutes. The maintenance is reduced to a minimum thanks to self-healing algorithms.

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Integrate Checks Programmatically

Astra checks are integrated to your existing Selenium tests in C# and Java with a single line of code. Visualize and customize these checks via the UI.

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Let no bugs escape

Here’s what our customers say

"ASTRA from LogicFlow saves a lot of time in the creation of Selenium tests. This makes it easy to increase test coverage of our applications."

Joe Schöpfer

Head Test Automation at Zurich Insurance Group

"LogicFlow automated repetitive code migration tasks far beyond what other providers can offer. We are on track to save a significant amount of resources and time compared to our initial estimate."

Robert Konstanzer

Project Manager at Raiffeisen Schweiz

Why Visual Checks?

Visual checks are configured with a few clicks and catch any change to static content: textual content, style, layout and more.

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Customize checks

Focus your engineering effort on complex scenarios with dynamic content

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Maximize coverage

Never miss bug discoveries due to insufficient assertion coverage again

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Share insights

Analyze test failures visually in minutes and share requirements in a single click

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Minimize maintenance

Visual checks are maintained in a few clicks to label changes accordingly

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Automation made super simple

Automate your scenarios in minutes without writing code

Combine with custom code for complex needs

Computer vision based testing and maintenance

Share with any one in a single click

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