Replay Options

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Following options are available when replaying:

  • Url: of the target environment.
  • Name: of the execution.
  • Window Size: of the browser window.
  • Reference Execution: previous execution against which to compare when searching for elements or performing visual assertions.
  • Browser: used for the execution.
  • Maintenance: mode for the execution.
  • Automatic only: when an element is not found by XPath, a machine learning determines the most likely element. In case of failure, the execution aborts without asking for a human in the loop.
  • Manual only: when an element is not found by XPath, the user is asked to select the correct element or additional action.
  • Automatic then manual: when the automatic find result has low confidence (below 50% probability) the execution fallback to manual input by the user.
  • Tags: custom tags by the user.
  • Network: record all the network traffic of the app with a browser proxy.
  • Autocompare: compare checkpoints to reference automatically while executing.