STEP Inputs

Input actions recorded with Astra received automatically generated unique keys as in the login test shown below. Do not modify the values of the user or password unless you want to modify the user used for execution within Astra.

The type action at step 5 received the automatically generated unique key 5-loginfmt. The key can be edited by the user via the UI.The key for the password at step 7 can be edited in a similar fashion.

For the example test shown above, we assume that the following parameters are configured in STEP. The parameters provide the passwords for two different users. Further users can be added analogously.

STEP parameters for the target URL and two users.

Before exporting the test from Astra as STEP keyword, the required parameters needs to be configured on the test via the menu shown below.

Test context menu. Go to STEP Properties.

Add the parameter keys in the pop-up dialog.

Configure the needed property keys. STEP should support placeholders like {User}.

The login keyword can be configured as below.

Login keyword with inputs mapped from properties.

The keyword exported from Astra will automatically perform the following mappings:

  • Every input value is scanned for placeholders that are replaced with the provided value (<5-loginfmt> gets replaced with User1)
  • Every input value is scanned for STEP parameter with matching key (microsoft.url and microsoft.User1.pwd are replaced with their respective parameter value)

To login with User2, only the input 5-loginfmt needs to be changed to User2. The password is mapped automatically.