STEP Keyword

Astra tests or commands can be exported as STEP keywords or keyword packages with the following possible inputs.

Input Name Description
Mode Normal: persist result only upon warnings or errors.
Debug: always persist result.
Url Url of the target environment.
Browser Chrome, Edge or Firefox
Language Custom defined by the user as tags on the execution. A reference execution with the same language tag will be searched for.
WindowWidth Custom window width as integer.
WindowHeight Custom window height as integer.
Headless Run browser in headless mode.
PersistResult Persist result in LogicFlow. Enabled by default.
RecordNetwork Record network traffice of application under test. Disabled by default.
RecordConsole Record browser console of application under test. Disabled by default.
ReferenceCompare Compare checkpoints against reference execution. Needs to be activated for visual validation. Disabled by default.
CloseBrowser Close browser at the end of the keyword. Needs to be disabled if the keyword is followed by another keyword in a plan.