Modernization Case Study - Raiffeisen

Lucas Fievet
April 12, 2022

Challenge: Migrating the biggest digital banking platform from AngularJS without disruption

Raiffeisen is one of the leading Swiss retail banks and is the third biggest player in the banking market of Switzerland, serving more than 3.8 million clients. Due to the high digitization and daily customer reliance on Raiffeisen’s e-banking, Raiffeisen faced the challenge of migrating 120’000 lines of code whilst ensuring the ongoing operation of all business-critical apps.

Raiffeisen is heavily invested in ongoing digital transformation to deliver a seamless client experience with its fast app delivery. It was crucial to free them from manual testing, embracing agility and DevOps practices, which helps Raiffeisen to maintain its competitive edge at the e-banking evolution.

The other aspect that contributed to the successful AngularJS migration is the LogicFlow semi-automated migration system. Our automated assistance delivered quality code with great productivity levels as well as cut migration time process and costs. Prior to the migration, our automatic in-depth code analysis allowed careful assessment, planning, and execution. The alternatives for the migration were not only expensive and time-consuming, but unreliable due to the manual error-prone lines of code.

LogicFlow automated repetitive code migration tasks far beyond what other providers can offer. We are on track to save a significant amount of resources and time compared to our initial estimate.
Robert Konstanzer
Project Manager at Raiffeisen Switzerland

Doubling down on automation: AI assistance in migration & UI testing

Automation gets rid of repetitive and uninspiring tasks, sourcing the skills to more sophisticated jobs. The automatic AI code analysis serves as the basis for reviewing and extending migrating patterns. From here we start the migration hyperloop:

  1. the code in scope gets automatically migrated, type annotations added
  2. the expert reviews the result, new features are added – in the new or old code
  3. the existing UI test case is run automatically with Robust Replay®
  4. in case of unmatched changes, manual evaluation by testers: in case of bugs, full debugging data is sent to coding guru (screenshots original/migrated version, labels, network traffic log, test case for replay); otherwise the UI test case is automatically updated
  5. migration patterns improve based on learnings by AI or expert definition

The main benefit to Raiffeisen is the extended CI/CD pipeline based on the LogicFlow app delivery hyperloop.

With the given hyperloop, Raiffeisen has managed to faster release developments to their e-banking. DevOps pushed to cloud, simplifying CI/CD, plus AI code generation and running UI tests by AI assistants lower manual efforts, in the meantime cutting time and costs but increasing the quality. With the up-to-date developments to their apps, Raiffeisen succeeds in attracting new clients on a constant basis.

To access our full case study and get a deeper insight into the migration process of Raiffeisen as well as key figures, you can ...

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