Deep look into AngularJS Versioning

Lucas Fievet
April 19, 2022

As any other framework, AngularJS had many versions over the years that continously improved the framework and provided critical fixes. Not surprisingly the first version has been given a tag v.1.0.0, while the latest one is v1.8.2. The framework itself has grown considerably since its first release, with many new features added and common pitfalls resolved.

How to check your AngularJS version?

AngularJS does not come up with its own command line tool, so you cannot get its version from there, but it does not mean that there are no other ways to do that, based on how you import your AngularJS bundle.

Check your index HTML file.

In case you decide to import the AngularJS bundle file in your main HTML file, then you should check for the hint inside the src attribute of your script tag. When you open the HTML file you should see something like: