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Our Philosophy

That make use unique and future oriented

  • AI assisted: we evaluate and leverage modern coding assistants like GitHub co-pilot
  • Architecture as Code: we write custom code generators for C# Source Generators and Angular Schematics
  • Autonomous Testing: our testing platform Astra is your test assistant that autonomously verifies an app before shipping to the customer
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Our Workplace

How we work with you

  • Office: co-working, home-office and other
  • We bring: a good internet connection and a quiet workplace
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Team Up

What team means to us

  • Discussion: daily team call to stay connected
  • Open: virtual open-door policy
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How we work

What we offer

  • Progress: dedicated time and coaching for employees and freelancer to reach the next level
  • Assessment: fair treatment of their performance and achievements
  • Time management: easy work reporting
  • Flexibility: personalized work hours

Who we search

What you can expect from us

  • Actively shape your projects and your company's future
  • Eager to utilize code generation and modern tool (e.g. GitHub co-pilot) to boost productivity and quality
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What are you looking for

Where do you want to go with us

  • What matters most when you look for a new partnership?
  • Do you need Technical and /or Business expertise?
  • Flexibility?
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