Astra Low-Code
Automation Cloud

Astra enables you to create automated test snippets without writing code and combine them into complex test scenarios. Our code export in the OpenE2E standard allows developers to combine custom code efficiently where needed.

Virtualized Recording with Guaranteed Replay

In Astra every action at recording is executed through the test framework of your choice, ensuring an automated replay without further engineering effort.

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Goodbye to Wait Engineering Thanks to Computer Vision

Astra monitors the page readiness visually like a human tester, proceeding with the next action only once the page is fully loaded and initialized. The Astra algorithm has been trained on a large set of applications, browsers and screen sizes and requires no setup effort.

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The Future of Automation

We define autonomous testing and test generation standards

Why Low Code?

DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) is the mantra of software developers. With the low code approach, common test patterns are generated by Astra, saving your energy to focus on the novel parts that do not repeat themselves.

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Don't repeat yourself

Only write code for parts truly unique to your application

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Collaborate broadly

Easily involve application experts without engineering know-how into the process of creating business relevant test cases

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Share know-how

Astra pioneers the OpenE2E standard for End-to-End test code generation to ensures a strong standardization

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Focus on your business

Use the freed up time to speed up release cycles and focus on your business

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Here’s what our customers say

"We help you save your time with our automated migration system that eliminates repetitive code translation tasks. By using LogicFlow, our customers speed up their developments significantly."

Lucas Fievet


Automation made super simple

Automate your scenarios in minutes without writing code

Combine with custom code for complex needs

Computer vision based testing and maintenance

Share with any one in a single click

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