Automated Visual Testing with Robust Replay®

To ensure quality at high speed and low cost.

Compare earlier results when asked by the AI Assistant, simply label unwanted changes.
Don't worry about test data. The AI learns the changes.
Use replay instead of having business people waste their time.
Minimize business' testing efforts.
Reuse and extend your existing test automation - by simply running it.
And much more.

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Top-quality apps - without the tedious part of manual testing:
Visual Testing AI Assistant

Discover how LogicFlow turns testing from tedious to fun. Involving business experts strictly where needed, freeing business experts' time to deliver high-value results. Managing test cases by AI, automatically tracking and labeling changes, triggering the IT and business experts to review where business results are to be validated, only. Relieving test experts from maintaining scripts & test data by updating scripts automatically based on the labeling - and the AI does not mix up test data. Define test cases once, reuse them in all test stages. If the AI Assistant or your users find a bug, give the developer team the best possible debugging data: from precise execution log to screen shots, network data, browser console etc. To get things straight in no time.

Automatic change review

Replacing tedious manual work, unburdening experts, asking for manual labeling only where experts are needed.

Record once,
replay forever

Enabling quick and low-effort capturing and reuse of your manual tests - or your complete stack of existing test automation scripts. Replay it in any environment, any time. Automatically maintained.

Web & mobile-ready

For top-notch client experiences, and low efforts for your business stakeholders. Let them review the business logic, not the obvious and well tested.


Going from one testing stage to the other: keep the process, change the data. Automatic labeling, smart AI visual analysis ensures robust replay in any environment, any browser.

agile, DevOps

Fast iterative releases require automatic tests at any stage. With LogicFlow AI Assistants, test automation becomes an integral part - from dev to acceptance and releasing, re-using each piece of testing.


Let experts do the expert's job. Don't waste their time. Automation makes your team happy, focusing on the cool stuff. 80% of tedious work is eliminated.

Quality, the long term foundation of your business

Testing is crucial. Make it a value-creating experience. 

Business apps always must be reviewed by business experts. With smart AI automation, business experts can focus on creating their biggest value: trust. They don't need to worry about quality. Because the app engineers and test engineers provide them with proofs of quality: their test replays, across environments. Business simply approves the indicated changes.

Releasing faster, bigger, more complex with AI automation

Smart AI automation beats more hands in testing

Test experts are crucial resources, their time is expensive. The LogicFlow AI Assistant learns the repetitive tasks quickly, adapting them flexibly as needed. Massive, cheap headcounts for regression testing are outdated. Quality and detailed automatic test results, including in-depth debugging data where necessary, are the key drivers to speed up the releases - and provide certainty to business.

The AI leverages all small, and bigger, changes through each development iteration, leading to self-updating, self-healing test scripts and concise feedback to the developers. Project management is simplified, people management eased and the quality of testing improved at the same time. 

Smart assistants boost experts' productivity

Assertions, anomaly detection, classification automated

The AI Assistant supports the experts with

  • High-productive recording IDE to generate automated tests easily, for UIs delivering a top-notch user experiences.
  • Powerful utility for effortlessly storing all UI elements for maximal reusability.
  • Codeless experience for beginners. Infinite testing extension for experts.
  • Smart engine with auto-heal and auto-wait capabilities.
  • Detection of visual, DOM, network, and console changes.
  • Automated highlighting of potential regressions.
  • Anomaly detection to quickly review potential bugs

With a key focus on

  • Speed up scripting and execution processes.
  • Improve team performance, reduce maintenance costs.

Get it done easily, celebrate each release

Reuse your testing at any stage. 

Generate and execute tests on all browsers. Operate on both cloud and on-premise infrastructures.  Integrate with ticketing and test management, e.g. TFS. Native integration with the most popular CI tools. 

Push the release button, get it tested, send the test results to the business experts. Await their OK and celebrate the release. If they want to see the test live on screen, send them the Robust Replay® deep-link.

Integrated into your loved tool chain

Selenium, Jira, Visual Studio Code, Git, Jenkins and many more, the AI Assistants hooks in perfectly - in a cloud or on-premise

Ease of use and super productivity are key promises of LogicFlow. Hence we ensure you can use the tools you love, work best with and integrated the AI Assistant in the steps you need it:

  • Test case capturing
  • Test run scheduling & execution
  • Test result validation (run comparison, screen-to-screen comparison, labeling)
  • Defect / ticket creation and defect information sharing
  • IDE for debug information display (test process step, screens, DOM, network, console)

The visual AI connects with Azure DevOps, AWS or your local / on-premise deployed tools. Test results stored in the cloud are well protected with the LogicFlow cloud securely hosted in Switzerland - allowing even banks with highest security standards to simply connect to the LogicFlow cloud.

Strengthen business agility & DevOps

LogicFlow Assistants are quickly adopted

The Assistants brings codeless test creation for beginners with its recording features. Plus easy labeling of changes unmatched by the AI for the business experts. Simply replay to validate results. Detailed debugging information like screen-compare, network traffic logs and IDE integration for the developers help quick issue resolution. Endless script extensions and customization for testing experts provide the extra lever for highest customization. 

Go the easy way - but if you want, we support also sophisticated requirements.