Report a Bug

1. Reporting bug options

You can directly report the bug in the selected action by pressing it and clicking on the share button. You can choose to either directly create a report via Azure DevOps, Email, or a link. .

2. Azure DevOps setup

You can directly share a bug via Azure DevOps by creating TFS ticket.
To set up the TFS settings:
  • Click on the 3 dots next to the project name and go the Settings.
  • In the settings, choose TFS Settings.
  • Insert the Azure DevOps Organization URL
  • Select the appropriate Project and the Team and click save.

3. Share the bug with Azure DevOps

To create the TFS ticket and share the bug directly, select the action that has the bug you would like to share.

On the top right corner, select Share and click on Azure DevOps.
  • First, select the TFS ticket type.
  • In the title section, you can name the bug.
  • You can specify when the bug occurs (Before the Screenshot, After the Screenshot, or Console Log). You can select multiple boxes.
  • Lastly, you can add a description of the bug and press Share.