Create the test

Click on Create a New Project or Import an existing file. Name the project and click Save.


  • Press to start Recording red button.
  • Name your recording.
  • Define the window size in which you would like to record.
  • Press Start.
  • In the new Chrome window, enter the URL of the website you wish to record.
  • After you have finished recording, click save and then cancel

Screenshot Recording

During the recording process in the browser, you will see the red box on the right top corner that indicates a screenshot is being taken. When the red box goes away it means that the screenshot has been taken.

Note: It is advised not to go from one action to another too fast, such as clicking and scrolling - as it might be not a sufficient amount of time for the tool to take the screenshot.

Run the test new branch

To run the test, you need to:

make todo app screenshots
  • Select the desired test you wish to run
  • Copy the URL you have used to record the test
  • Press the green button to run the test
A new Chrome window will open and will follow the recorded steps:
  • The green checkmark means that the actions could be found.
  • When the recording is paused, actions or the red cross sign next to the step means that the given step could not be found.
  • Depending on the maintenance you have chosen (manual or automatic). You can either manually direct to complete the action or skip the action. You can read more no the manual and automatic maintenance in the "The concepts of the testing tool" section.