Simplify UI Test Creation, Maintenance & Analysis

Robust Test Generation for Web Apps

  • Productive IDE to generate automated tests easily, regardless of application complexity.
  • Powerful recording utility for effortlessly storing all UI elements to maximize reusability.
  • Codeless experience for beginners. Infinite testing extension for experts.

Automated Test Maintenance

  • Smart engine with auto-heal and auto-wait capabilities.
  • Speed up scripting and execution processes.
  • Improve team performance, reduce maintenance costs.

Smart assertions

  • Detection of visual, DOM, network, and console changes.
  • Automated highlighting of potential regressions.
  • Anomaly detection to quickly review potential bugs.

Simplicity and Automation

Full-Platform Support

Generate and execute tests on all OSs, browsers, and devices. Operate on both cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Quick to Adopt

Codeless test creation for beginners. Endless script extension and customization for experts.

CI/CD Integration

Out-of-the-box TFS integration. Native integration with the most popular CI tools.