Automated Reporting & Project Planning

Obtain a detailed overview of parts that can migrated automatically and identify code that will require manual work.

 Generate a detailed Gantt for the project execution based on your resources and timeline. All tasks can be imported as an Excel spreadsheet into your project planning tool.

Automated Translation of over 500 AngularJS Patterns

One click translation

Simply load your project files and click translate to obtain equivalent code in the latest Angular version. Manual tasks are marked in the code as to-do statements with all the necessary instructions and references for finalization.


  • angularjs
  • angularjs-translate
  • angularjs-aria
  • angularjs-cookies
  • angularjs-ui-router
  • angularjs-ui-bootstrap
  • more on demand

Enterprise Features


Automated type generation by gathering runtime information.

UI testing

Automated UI testing that compares the before and after migration in the browser. Includes a detailed DOM and screenshot comparison to ensure everything is migrated correctly.

Unit test generation

Unit tests can be generated from runtime information to facilitate subsequent maintenance.