Microsoft Azure und Azure Services

We have strategically aligned ourselves with Microsoft Azure. Whenever possible, we create so-called serverless applications. On the one hand, this enables us to massively reduce the costs for our customers and increase the quality of the implemented applications.

Machine Learning

We integrated machine learning into our software solution to provide state of the art automation. Based on our years of machine learning experience, we select the right technology for your applications.

Azure DevOps & GitHub

We rely on the GitHub and Azure Devops toolchain for code versioning, project planning, testing and deployement.

Microsoft 365

One of the more important platforms on which we build solutions is Microsoft 365. In particular in the employee-facing part of the LogicFlow Experience Platform, almost all Microsoft 365 components are used.


Infrastructure as Code

Whenever possible, we use Microsoft Azure in our projects. We define the infrastructure used by means of code. In so-called ARM templates (Azure Resource Manager) resp. the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI) describes all components on which a solution is based. A new setup or expansion of the infrastructure can be done at the push of a button.


We often create our software with the so-called microservices approach. Applications consist of small, independent modules that communicate with each other via APIs. These modules are highly decoupled building blocks that are small enough to represent a single functionality.

OpenAPI / Swagger

Our microservices always follow OpenAPI best practices and we leverage Swagger to automatically generate API clients.

Micro Frontends

We get away from complex monolithic portals that make it impossible to reuse individual functions elsewhere. As part of the LogicFlow process, we implement features as reusable standalone modules that are integrated into the complete solution portal.

Progressive Web Apps PWA

We are convinced that mobile apps should no longer be implemented on the basis of proprietary technologies. Code that is used in websites should also be able to be used directly on a smartphone. Whenever possible, we rely on Progressive Web Apps (PWA) when implementing apps. We are aware that some functions, some of which are important, are not available, especially on iOS.

NoSQL Database

We often rely on NoSQL solutions (Azure Cosmos DB) for data management.

Languages / Frameworks

.NET Core

As a Microsoft software house, we have years of experience with .Net and of course with .Net Core.

TypeScript / Angular

In the web frontend area, we rely on typescript and the three major frameworks: Angular, React and Vue. Angular being our favorite for larges scale enterprise applications.

Python / TensorFlow

For complex deep learning applications we build data processing pipelines in Python to train state of the art neural network architectures in TensorFlow.