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The team behind LogicFlow

Lucas Fievet, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO

Accomplished developer, researcher, and engineer with an ability to understand the most intricate theoretical concepts and produce solutions to solve any issue. Proven ability to create future-proof architecture and produce maintainable code. Passionate curiosity for and belief in machine learning as game-changing technology.

Malte Redschlag

Co-Founder, CPO

Full-Stack engineer with high interest in different cloud and frontend technologies. Experienced in designing and implementing scalable solutions in different industrial fields. Passionate about the usage of software development to automate processes to help people spend their time more meaningful.

Cyril Misev, PhD

AI and ML Engineer

Researcher and engineer with focus on statistics, numerics, machine learning and neural networks. Cyril is the one delivering the AI that makes your day better.

Nadine How

Executive Assistant

As a trained executive assistant, Nadine supports LogicFlow AG with her efficient and precise way of working. She has gained 20 years of experience in the IT industry, which is helping her with daily tasks at LogicFlow.


Prof. Elgar Fleisch

Scientific Advisor

Professor of Information Management, ETH Zürich Professor of Technology Management, University of St. Gallen

Beat Schillig


World-class Startups. Swiss Made. After 30 years as an entrepreneur and angel investor I am still fascinated by talented startup entrepreneurs with a bold vision and the ambition to conquer the world.


Object Engineering

Object Engineering is a software engineering company based in Switzerland. They use specialised analysis programs and methods to examine and map the inner components of existing legacy software, which allows them to modernize the components efficiently and economically and then integrate them into new, up-to-date technical facilities.

International Institute for Management Development

International Institute for Management Development is a business education school in Lausanne. It specializes in an executive education offering open enrollment programs for senior executives, as well as longer-term educational engagements that are customized for senior executives of a particular company, offering MBA and Executive MBA programs.

The Software Philosophy Guiding Us:
The Five Levels of AI and Automation in Software Development

AI promises to automate a broad spectrum of tasks across all industries. Corresponding levels of automation are already defined in many cases, such as the five levels of car autonomy. The software industry is still lacking an outlook of the automation levels to come, for which we made the following plan.

Maturity level 0:
No Automation

Code is written in a regular text editor without supporting features. The developer has to manually fix all compilation errors and perform the refactoring.

Maturity level 1:
Developer Assistance

Integrated Development Environments (IDE) support the development process with code coloring, static analysis, and basic refactoring capabilities. Code correctness at runtime remains a core responsibility of the developers. 

Maturity level 2:
Partial Automation

IDEs and low code platforms provide advanced code generation, blurring the boundary between client and server-side programming. Code correctness verification is partially automated, warning the developer of unusual behavior. Fine-tuning and domain-specific code patterns remain a core responsibility of the developers.

Maturity level 3: Conditional AI Automation

Trainable software development enables complex code generation based on high-level implementation strategies and examples. Code correctness is guaranteed most the time. Developers needs to implement edge cases.

Maturity level 4: High Automation and AI

Human language chatbot interactions allow anyone to create software with minimal effort. The chatbot IDEs tap into a global database of highly standardized code patterns, available for most business domains. The concept of code library is blurred, with code patterns being shared at a more granular level.

Maturity level 5: Full AI Assistance with Highest Automation

Chatbot IDEs allow anyone to create or adapt software through human language. Software applications guarantee the correctness of the business logic, while allowing users to customize their UI interactions on the fly.

Join the team

We are looking for talented engineers and enthusiasts who share our vision to join and work with us on this exciting adventure. If you are interested in applying advanced machine learning techniques to new and important programming problems or if you are interested in creating the best user experience for advanced programming tools, please send your resume to [email protected]