Develop on top-notch technology.  Don't let legacy headaches get in your way.

Migrate your codebase to the latest version. Now.

 To ensure up-to-date security. To deliver top client experiences.  And to make your app delivery more efficient.

From AngularJS to Angular 11.
From JavaScript to TypeScript.
From Python 2 to Python 3.
From WPF to Angular.
And many more.

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Massive benefit, low effort, low cost, low risk: migrate with the
Migration & Upgrade AI Assistant

Discover how LogicFlow leads your migration & upgrade straight to the finish line: concisely planned, predictable, with the highest productivity. The AI Assistant ensures best practice patterns put in action, delivering top-quality code in no time. While you migrate, you still find time to enhance your apps according to the business needs. Your business partners will be stunned by the time-to-market and new client experience delivered. Plus, the app security is 100% up to date, on the latest tech stack, relying on the latest libraries.

cost savings

Replacing tedious manual work, unburdening experts, and creating predictable outcomes.


Enabling growth while migrating to the top-notch tech stack. And continuously leveraging higher productivity.


In the average project migrated. Seamlessly, including testing. Creating a fun-to-maintain codebase.


With an up-to-date tech stack, outdated libs, potentially weak code, is gone. On top: you get the latest exciting client experiences.

agile, DevOps

Fast iterative proceeding allows enhancements to go along with the migration. Make your business happy, get rid of your technical burdens. 


Let experts do the expert's job. Don't waste their time. Automation makes your team happy, focusing on the cool stuff. 80% of tedious work is eliminated.

LogicFlow automates migration far beyond other providers. We saved significant resources & time.

Robert Konstanzer
Project Manager at Raiffeisen Schweiz

Lead with top tech & customer experience

Uplift your app. Create new experiences while migrating. 

Customers are keen to have a top-notch experience with your apps. Running the latest tech makes it easy to deliver a stunning app. Legacy code dragging innovation down is quickly removed with LogicFlow code migration. Even while migrating, LogicFlow ensures that your business benefits from new releases with new features. And your developers will love the new possibilities of the up-to-date tech stack.

Invest little time in big gains

Automate translation with 500+ patterns for easy code transformation

With our proprietary technology, the big task of migrating thousands of lines of code gets easy, low cost, manageable and predictable. We migrate the most common patterns in one click to the latest Angular version. Manual tasks are marked in the code as to-do statements with the necessary instructions for finalization.

Work on the future, not the past

Boost development productivity & fun

Migrating to the latest technology is a major investment that pays back immediately. Productivity gains, customer experience, and developer availability are key for your future developments. With our decade of production experience, we help you to get the most out of API client generation, state management libraries, and compile-time safety from TypeScript and other languages designed for productivity.

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Get it done easily, don't risk your future

Migration is challenging. With expertise & automated code analysis it gets manageable, predictable, certain success 

You can rely on our extensive migration expertise to ensure an optimal outcome for your project. From small standalone applications to highly integrated enterprise applications with ongoing development needs, we have a proven recipe and AI analyzers for your scenario. Our enterprise migration tool drills down into your legacy source code, maps patterns, identifies need for manual interventions, let's you adapt transformation rules and then guides the team from sprint to sprint. Until done.

Strengthen business agility & DevOps

LogicFlow experts support your journey if need be

Getting to the next level of development of your apps strengthens the agility of your business. Extending the foundations of agile development with DevOps (on any of the key cloud providers) is facilitated by LogicFlow migration experts - if need be. Our tools are easy to handle, nevertheless, we love to engage with our customers on a day-to-day basis. 

Migrating your entire application can require a short-term need for additional developers. We provide you with a custom-tailored recruiting solution to find the best matching developers for your project.


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Find out how to set up your migration project, push the management decision, plan it based on thorough, automatic code analysis and the costs of it all. We are here to support you. To get you as quickly and conveniently as possible onto the latest tech stack.

Migrate from AngularJS to Angular 11 now.
Speed up and replace JavaScript with TypeScript.
Transform Python 2 to Python 3 with ease.
Convert to TypeScript. Libs included.
Switch to Angular and to top user experience.
And many more.

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