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Bring app delivery to the next level.

Start the incremental improvement now.

Eradicate boring, tedious development activities.

Upgrade or refactor your code automatically for top quality and agility.
Push to the repository and run all UI tests automatically .
Release and focus on the new stuff - re-test anything else automatically.
Have AI analyze your work, daily, and
daily improve AI support for you.
And much more.

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leverage the benefits of AI

Getting top quality apps to the market and your customers is business critical today. At the same time the top expert developers are still burdened with many tedious, low value tasks. With daily AI analysis, LogicFlow takes the painful tasks to the AI Assistant. Free your experts. Add better quality control. Leverage all your development artifacts. With AI getting to the next level, you will be on the next level. Hop on this amazing yourney with us - from specialised AI Assistants to fully fledged AI across the software development life cycle. AI App Delivery - for your customers, for your experts, for your success.

Push & release

Automate anything after pushing to your repo - and building your release.

Incremental improvement

Agile development creates great results every day - make them available, immediately, in form of condensed AI Assistance, to all your app delivery team members.

Web & mobile-ready

Boost the speed you already have. The more increments, the better the learning, the better your AI Assistance.

LogicFlow is a champion in re-use. We test our products from coding to deployment with the Visual UI Testing AI Assistant.

Lucas Fievet
CEO, LogicFlow

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