Why use LogicFlow?

Cut migration costs by 60%

Why pay more when you can have a fast code migration system at a fraction of a cost?

Optimize your time

Our system eliminates repetitive tasks when migrating from AngularJS to the latest Angular version

Automated code assessment

Our system estimates the effort and complexity of your project to determine the optimal execution path.


Try It For Free

LogicFlow Translate: Save your time with a built-in automated migration system that eliminates repetitive code translations tasks for you.

It's like "Google Translate" for code migrations.

Based on deep learning and neural networks, it assesses the business logic of the current code, then translates it into the new coding languages and runs the test cases. 

Try LogicFlow Translate

One-Click Translation: Automated Translation of over 500 AngularJS Patterns

Simply load your project files and click translate to obtain equivalent code in the latest Angular version. Manual tasks are marked in the code as to-do statements with all the necessary instructions and references for finalization.

Supported AngularJS libraries:

  • angularjs
  • angularjs-translate
  • angularjs-aria
  • angularjs-cookies
  • angularjs-ui-router
  • angularjs-ui-bootstrap 
  • more on demand 

Automated Reporting to Assess Your Risks

Obtain a detailed overview of parts that can be migrated automatically and identify code that will require manual work.

✔ Avoid surprises during the migration project

✔ Reliable cost and time estimates

✔ Structured and systematic reporting

Generate & Export Your Project Timeline Gantt Chart to a spreadsheet 

Breaks down the project timeline based on your resources

✔ Import the tasks directly into your project planning tool

✔ Eliminates time-consuming planning and break-down

✔ Get a clear roadmap of the project

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